Anjan Venkatramani

Anjan Venkatramani is Founder and CEO of Prismo Systems Inc., a Cybersecurity start-up focused on solving the most challenging, targeted, evasive threats Enterprises face today. The company is VC funded and in stealth.

In his career thus far, Anjan has served in a wide spectrum of roles that include Operations, ProductAnjan Venkatramani Management, Research and Development (R&D), and Corporate Strategy.  He has a wealth of experience and expertise in the fields of computing and communications.

Prior to founding Prismo Systems, Anjan was Sr. Vice President of Product Management for Data Center and Campus Switching at Juniper Networks. Anjan led the introduction of Juniper’s revolutionary QFabric line of massively scalable Data Center switches. Anjan was with Juniper for 14 years and played a pivotal role since the company’s early days.  Anjan joined the R&D group at Juniper in 1998 where he developed Juniper’s first fabric chip and later revolutionized control memory architectures.  He holds more than 30 patents in network and data center fabrics, memory design and security services architectures.  Subsequently, he championed product strategy and managed product introduction and life cycle for Juniper’s enterprise routing product lines. 

Anjan started his career at Siemens Nixdorf building supercomputers. While there, he was able to apply several of the innovations that were part of his research on interconnection networks at the University of Southern California.  He subsequently worked for various start-ups in the areas of signal processors for DSL and Wireless applications and RFID technology for inventory management and automation.

Anjan graduated with a Masters in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern California in 1995.  His research in interconnection network design for multiprocessors has been published at leading conferences and cited in prominent books on Computer Architecture and Interconnection Networks.  Anjan also holds a Masters in Management from Stanford University in 2003.